Our Corporate Groups

Four Business Units Comprise
Georgia System Operations


What Does System Operations Do?

Picture a typical summer day in Georgia: The sun comes up and the temperature rises. Air conditioners come on, causing an increase in power demand. Our Energy Control Center operators determine demand for electricity is going up and to meet the demand, a generation unit at a power plant needs to be turned on to add more electricity to the grid.  Maybe the heat brings severe weather in the afternoon, causing a transmission line to go down.  Our control center operators target the outage location and supports the external team dispatched to fix the line.


The Power Technology group, within System Operations, develops and manages the software systems our operators use to generate and transmit the power and supports the system with a strong cybersecurity program.  We also partner with Georgia Transmission on our statewide fiber network.


Critical infrastructure protection, or CIP, helps ensure we are running a safe, reliable system.  Georgia System Operations manages CIP for ourselves and for Georgia Transmission.



Data Systems, Settlements, & Finance

After Georgia System Operations dispatches power, the usage data is captured for the EMCs’ bills using their meters.  This group also creates custom applications used by System Operations and our EMC member-owners.




Shared Services

Though Oglethorpe Power, Georgia Transmission, and Georgia System Operations are separate companies, we supply the back-office operations these three companies need to operate efficiently:  accounts payable, auditing, board administration, communication, human resources, information technology, payroll, records administration, and training.



Legal & Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a crucial part of our industry, ensuring the reliability and safety of the electric grid — here in Georgia and across the nation.  Legal & Compliance ensures our operations meet those critical regulatory compliance standards.