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System Operator
Department: Control Area Operations
Tucker, Georgia, United States -

Independently manages, to best serve the members' uniquely complex requirements, the real time operation of owned /contracted generation facilities in excess of 6500 MW along with purchases to meet the needs of the members as scheduled by the 5 different Purchase Selling Entities. Manages water and fuel consumption at the Pumped storage facility and the fossil plants to ensure an adequate supply of generation. Independently nominates fuel for the 24 gas fired units totaling 4200 MW capacity. Must make hourly economic dispatch decisions with less than 15 minutes' notice. Must respond to calls on assets of up to 1000 MW with 20 minutes' notice. Regulates system resources to accommodate Independent Power Producers' generation to meet schedules and other contractual obligations. Meets requirements imposed by NERC standards and contracts, such as CPS 2 and Joint Contingency Reserves events. This includes responding to or initiating, operating instructions to and from other bulk electric system operating entities and documenting system events appropriately. The System Operator II has the responsibility and the authority to take any required action up to and including shedding firm native load to preserve system or Interconnection reliability. Incumbent must be proficient at all Generation Coordinator positions in the Energy Control Center. Provides on-the-job direction and training to Generation Coordinators I & II. This position performs duties that can determine GSOC's compliance with NERC reliability standards.

Job Duties:

  • Independently commits and de-commits generation to continuously match the most economic resources to system needs, reserve requirements and changing conditions. Adjusts voltage and megawatt output to ensure that dynamically imposed ITS limitations are managed effectively to maintain the integrity and security of the ITS bulk power system. Nominates fuel for gas resources which can total as much as $5,000,000.00 per day and when necessary, purchases fuel for gas resources. Independently operates gas fired resources to meet constraints imposed by Operational Flow Orders issued by gas transportation systems.
  • Independently manages GTC's ownership of the ITS interface to insure available capacity and interface entitlements are utilized to their fullest extent by contracted member agents and third parties. Schedules and coordinates interchange transactions with other utilities, power marketers, control areas, and transmission providers. Monitors use of OASIS reservations shared by 5 agents to prevent overscheduling of interfaces and the resultant degradation of system reliability. Maintains up to date Available Transfer Capability ratings to allow maximum third party usage of GTC transmission to provide the highest earnings to GTC and its members while complying with all FERC regulations.
  • Independently maintains and enhances system stability and capability by monitoring and responding to load forecast errors, loss of generation, lack of VAR support, etc. by performing contingency planning and initiating corrective actions. This includes the authority to shed firm system load to preserve the integrity and stability of the Eastern Interconnection. Other actions include declaring OPC system alerts based on deteriorating system conditions and responding to SERC/NERC regional system alerts.
  • Plans for customer energy needs, based on usage profiles, current and forecasted weather conditions and other available data, by preparing multiple 14 as opposed to one forecast for most utilities accurate short-term load forecasts in order to effectively schedule resources and to meet scheduling obligations of the member agents.
  • Delivers oral and written presentations and reports that alert senior management to ongoing trends and activities that might impact the strategies and position of the company when responding to members and the public.

Required Qualifications:

Education: High school graduate or GED Equivalent.

Experience: Six 6 years transmission /generation operations or construction experience and two years control center related experience Must also be qualified to work Interchange and the "pool" desks. Four 4 years military assignment in power production or maintenance of electrical facilities in lieu of above experience.

Licenses, Certifications, and/or Registrations: Must possess NERC system Operator Certification as TO, BIT, or RC, RC level preferred. Must obtain and maintain Bulk Electric System Cyber Authorized Status as defined in GSOC's CIP Cyber Security Policy 301 and NERC Reliability Standard CIP 004. Must participate in company sponsored training to obtain required NERC Certification Continuing Education Hours.

Specialized Skills: Excel/MS Word experience required. Must have sound decision making ability under stressful conditions. Must be able to communicate effectively via both oral and written methods. Must be able to work effectively in a team environment. Basic knowledge of electrical theory including Trigonometry and above average logic, reasoning, and math skills.

Unusual hours: Work a rotating 12- and/or 8- hour shift which involves working weekends and holidays and PTO coverage at other operating positions.