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Senior Training Coordinator
Department: Power Delivery
Tucker, Georgia, United States -

Provide leadership, management and administration of an accredited performance based curriculum that meets requirements set forth by NERC, SERC, and GSOC. The Senior Training Coordinator will be responsible for direction setting as well as the day to day implementation of the Training Program as follows: a Overseeing the Job Task Analysis JTA and becoming familiar with all the tasks of system operators, b working with the control center staff and engineering on the JTA Training Needs Analysis, c preparing annual training plan including identifying and scheduling training courses, d scheduling and tracking of training including courses, individual operators results including NERC CE hours, e annual training review, f identifying and/or developing any new training materials or sources to be considered, g operator task performance monitoring during incidents and following training. The Senior Training Coordinator will represent for GSOC a single point of contact for all system operator reliability training needs, attend and represent interests of GSOC at the SERC and NERC level, and make recommendations to all levels of management including Executive Staff, Board of Directors, and Corporate Programs and Projects regarding operator training needs. The Senior Training Coordinator will support GSOC's control centers and Operations Engineering by providing technical expertise on operational issues including outage investigation, maintaining system models, and providing coordination services for modifications to the system.

Job Duties:

  • Design, prepare and implement annual training seminars for GSOC Operators to prepare them for performing duties of job. This will include NERC certification tracking and training development for each operator as well as GSOC business training contracts, GA ITS, joint plant operations, etc. Lead efforts with the Training Committee to identify training needs, training courses, and potential conferences for GSOC Operator participation e.g. SERC SOS. In addition to working with the committee, the Senior Training Coordinator will also coordinate with managers and Chief System Operator/Coordinators to develop and deliver individual training courses based on Operator needs.
  • Analyze and recommend solutions to corporate issues, considering the impacts on operations, planning, finance, and customer rates. Perform analyses and provide technical expertise to support the decision-making efforts of the Executive Staff and Corporate Programs and Projects. Maintain model databases to support these analyses. Coordinate the resolution to problems identified by GSOC regarding metering and sub-stations. Supply other projects and programs with pertinent system information as required. Provide technical support to the Control Center as required to ensure that data quality and standards are maintained. Review and modify reports generated from the transmission desk for distribution to internal and external customers. Provide various monthly summaries to the Manager. Assist in the investigation of outages to the ITS or to an EMC.
  • Develop and maintain on an annual basis a Job Task Analysis that lays out the requirements and training needs of each GSOC Operator position. This JTA will identify courses, tools, and skills base for each position.
  • Be actively involved in any NERC training / personnel requirements or standards development that would affect GSOC operations. Develop comments on upcoming standards development that support corporate direction and industry reliability regarding well trained operators, participate in working groups at the SERC or NERC level, and ensure GSOC remains compliant with current personnel standards.

Required Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Business, or related field.

Experience: Eight years six years with P.E. in engineering with at least four years of operations or eight years in Control Center Operations. Responsible for generation/transmission/energy management with an operating electric utility. Should be knowledgeable in electric system operations, control systems, forecasting, simulation and planning process.

Equivalent Experience: 10 years in control center operations, performing Generation, Interchange or Transmission Operator functions.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Working knowledge of PC applications, applications of "real-time" energy control systems for electric operations, load flows, load management operations, automatic generation control, economic dispatch of generation, short-term load forecasting, switching and transmission restoration. Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal skills. Capable of preparing and delivering training material to all levels of operators.

Licenses and/or Certifications: Have or can obtain NERC Certification.