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Director, GSOC Compliance
Department: Compliance
Tucker, Georgia, United States -

This position is responsible for directing GSOC's Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program CECP as well as the North American Electric Reliability Corp NERC Compliance Program NCP. GSOC's CECP consists of planning, implementing, and monitoring policies, guidelines, and procedures to assure that GSOC complies with ethical standards and guidelines as well as any regulatory requirements outside of the purview of NERC. GSOC's NCP consists of planning, implementing, and monitoring policies, guidelines, and procedures to assure that GSOC complies with NERC standards applicable to GSOC. Further, this position provides leadership to the Corporate Ethics & Compliance Manager, Bulk Electric System Compliance Manager, Critical Infrastructure Protection Compliance Manager, and other personnel actively involved in NERC regulatory compliance.

Job Duties:

  • Strategic Management
    • Gathers information regarding the corporation's vision, objectives, resources, and limitations and develops departmental strategies to assist with reaching the corporation's initiatives based on this information.
  • Organizational Readiness
    • Ensures the department's ability to manage change based on evolving business needs. Researches, develops, plans, and executes for the future based on industry and compliance requirements.
    • Develops and communicates a vision, strategy, initiatives, goals, and objectives that are clear, understandable, and inspire the group to succeed
    • Responsible for staying abreast of NERC Reliability Standards and directives that apply to GSOC in its role as a Transmission Operator, participating and representing GSOC in industry forums and regulatory meetings, and reporting to executive management and associates.
    • Responsible for staying abreast of ethical standards and issues and any non-NERC regulatory standards that are or may become applicable to GSOC.
  • Relationship Management
    • Create an environment where customers feel comfortable bringing issues, concerns, and opportunities to your attention and where they desire to work cooperatively with you to resolve issues and explore new options.
    • Responsible for coordinating NERC Compliance activities with other GSOC departments, including System Operations, Audit & Consulting, and Human Resources.
    • Responsible for coordinating NERC Compliance activities with third-party entities, including Georgia Transmission Corporation, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Power Company, and Southern Company Services.
    • Responsible for coordinating Corporate Compliance activities and overseeing ethics awareness and training for GSOC.
  • Financial Management
    • Effectively manage costs through accurate budget planning and monitoring of expenditures.
    • Has responsibility for preparing and managing a significant annual budget required to meet GSOC's compliance requirements.
    • Develops and manages annual budget and performs monthly forecasts.
    • Handles routine cost-management duties, such as overseeing expenditures, developing and administering contracts and purchase orders, etc.
  • Personnel Management
    • Identification, selection, and management of staff.
    • Leads and develops staff, including, but not limited to, mentoring, performance management, and providing professional development opportunities.
    • Ensures that experienced and knowledgeable personnel are hired and retained.
    • Monitors progress of associates' work to ensure that deliverables meet the expectations of management and business units and that performance is adequately documented.
    • Provides feedback to associates regarding their work, skills, and development.
    • Recommends or initiates personnel actions, such as hiring, promotions, transfers, discharges, disciplinary measures, etc.
    • Ensures optimum staff development, training, and coverage plans are in place. Ensures that backup plans and resources are in place for contingency needs through cross-training.
    • Complies with all legal, regulatory, and corporate requirements for personnel actions.
  • Leadership
    • Inspire others to achieve individual, department, and corporate objectives.
    • Develops and manages organizational performance.
    • Supports and reinforces the desired corporate GSOC culture and values.
    • Sets and models standards for integrity, cooperation, and work habits.
  • Administration
    • Manage the execution of routine departmental tasks.
    • Provides department reporting.
    • Provides operational reporting on metrics/measurements.
    • Administers the execution of personnel-related tasks, e.g., timesheets, compensation, etc.
  • Operations Management
    • Ensure that operations are effective and efficient and that the results of projects and processes are of high quality.
    • Directs and oversees GSOC's compliance activities related to the NERC Bulk Electric System Reliability Standards applicable to GSOC.
    • Directs and oversees the compliance activities related to the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards applicable to GSOC.
    • Directs and oversees GSOC's compliance activities related to GSOC's CECP.
    • Assures that NCP and CECP internal controls programs ICP are in place and regularly monitored to ensure the controls are working and achieving the purpose for which they were implemented.
    • Coordinates GSOC input to industry initiatives, including draft NERC reliability standards, NERC policy input, and FERC Notices of Proposed Rulemaking NOPRs.
    • Coordinates regulatory compliance audit activities, including mock audits, data preparation and submittal, and the actual regulatory audits.
    • Ensures that: -
      • Appropriate processes and measurements are in place.
      • Continuous improvement efforts are executed.
      • Quality controls - within appropriate parameters - are in place.
      • Appropriate resources are allocated and managed.
      • The department's internal operations comply with all legal, regulatory, and corporate requirements.
    • Ensures the department's information services and systems are appropriate and effective. Updates and plans for modifications of all systems to provide efficient administration for current and future requirements.
    • Selects vendors for department needs and monitors their results to assure high-quality service delivery.

Required Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related field. Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering preferred.

Experience: Fifteen 15 years in the electric industry, with principal knowledge in bulk electric system compliance activities and operations, including generation, transmission, and control systems. Five or more years of experience in an electric cooperative environment is preferred.

Equivalent Experience: 20 years in Regulatory Compliance associated with an engineering discipline.

Specialized Skills: Must be proficient in using a personal computer and standard software programs. Experience in Workiva and Sharepoint preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are crucial.