In 1974, 39 of Georgia's EMCs formed a new generation-and-transmission cooperative, Oglethorpe Power Corporation. Ownership in generating plants and transmission assets ensured the EMCs’ ability to provide their customers with more reliable and affordable electric service. 
     Then, in order to achieve a fixed allocation of baseload power costs and in anticipation of a possible deregulation of the electric utility industry, OPC in 1997 was restructured into three companies:
     In addition, GSOC is closely affiliated with Georgia EMCthe statewide trade association that serves Georgia's 41 electric membership corporations.
     The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, or NRECA, is the national service organization for more than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives — including our 38 Member-owners, OPC, GTC and GSOC — and public power districts providing retail electric service to more than 42 million consumers in 47 states.
You can learn more about GSOC and our affiliated organizations by reviewing the Family of Companies brochure.